Probably the most climate-friendly beef on the planet.

Climate-friendlier beef

Lome™ beef offers a special food experience filled with rich flavor, story, and an important message. We use our groundbreaking feed additives to reduce methane emissions in beef cattle and lower the climate footprint. Produced locally with care for our planet, Lome beef is available in selected supermarkets and restaurants.

Lome™ Beef

To the doer

Let’s go low methane. Let’s go Lome

“Lome is something different,” says Eva Andersson, a mother of three children. “It is frustrating knowing how big a climate impact our food consumption has as a family. Especially the beef that we enjoy so much. Much thanks to my daughter, we are actively trying to eat more responsibly. Now with Lome beef, I’m feeling empowered that I can make such an easy choice and reduce our climate footprint when buying beef. Climate change is something I care about and there is something about Lome and Volta Greentech that make me very excited about the future.”

Lome on farms

Lome is produced exclusively by pioneering farmers carefully selected by Volta Greentech to be front-runners in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. We gather data and produce climate reports which are verified by an independent 3rd party.

Eskiltuna, Sweden

Tre Bönder

In the forests of Näshulta, Fredrik and Helena were the first commercial farmers in the world to start feeding our feed additives to their beef cattle. The results were groundbreaking and showed around an 80% reduction in methane emissions for every day of feeding.

Micke, Lisa and Fredrik from Tre Bönder.

Pontus and Märtha from Ejmunds Farm.

Gotland, Sweden

Ejmunds Farm

On the island Gotland on the east coast of Sweden, Märtha and Pontus have fed their beef cattle with our feed additives during two seasons and continuously reduced 70-90% of the methane emissions for every day of feeding.