Reducing methane emissions from cows.

On a mission to battle global warming by making cows fart and burp less methane gas, using feed additives.

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Our mission

Reduce methane emissions from cows

There are around one billion cows on the planet. Together they produce over 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions just by farting and burping methane gas. That’s 2x more emissions than the world’s fleet of airplanes.

Volta Greentech is on a mission to reduce these emissions to mitigate global warming. By providing farmers with our feed additive Lome™, we are together with our customers drastically reducing the methane emissions produced by cows.

Cows vs Countries

Cows vs Airplanes


“If cattle were a country, they would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions”. Graph based on Gates Notes



Our product Lome™ is a feed additive for cows that reduces up to 90% of their methane emissions.


Lome Beef


Probably the most climate-friendly beef on the planet

Lome beef offers a special food experience filled with rich flavor, story, and an important message. It is produced exclusively by pioneering farmers carefully selected by Volta Greentech to be front-runners in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Produced locally with care for our planet, Lome beef is available in selected supermarkets and restaurants.