Engineering large
scale seaweed production.


A blueprint for scalable production

Volta Greentech is developing a scalable, sustainable, and automated land-based red seaweed cultivation system - tailored for the selected species of red seaweed that are crucial ingredients in our product. A land-based factory enables optimization of temperature, light, and nutrients to maximize the red seaweed's growth rate while ensuring a high and standardized quality of the feed supplement.

To meet the increasing global demand for the solution, we are rethinking how to produce red seaweed at scale. Our seaweed has an immense impact potential, but as no one has been growing this type of red seaweed at scale before, the global demand far exceeds the supply. Looking at existing production methods for red seaweed, we quickly realized that we needed to take a different approach to reach the scale we are aiming for. Therefore, we went to the drawing board and looked at what would be necessary to produce Asparagopsis at scale for global implementation.

Production inside Volta Factory 01

How it works

The production process

To ensure a sustainable footprint in the production and viable production economics, our seaweed is produced using renewable electricity, waste heat, and CO2 from nearby industries.

Production in bioreactors

The red seaweed is grown in tanks with sensors and automation in a controlled environment to maximize seaweed growth and quality to lower production costs.

Cultivation media

Seawater is used as cultivation media and is naturally rich in nutrients. The seawater is recirculated in the system, and extra nutrients and CO2 are added to boost seaweed growth.

Energy & Electricity

The LED lights and the rest of the facility are powered by 100% renewable electricity. Waste heat from nearby industries is used to heat up the seawater and facility to the right cultivation temperature.

Rapid growth and 365 day per year production

With continuous and stable seaweed growth of up to 10% day and a 365 days per year production, Volta has a production blueprint ready for scaling.


The Production facilities

We have our HQ and lab, Volta Labs, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. This is where we work with product development and optimize our cultivation recipe. We are constructing our first factory, Volta Factory 01 in Lysekil and are planning Volta Factory 02 - one of the world’s largest red seaweed factories.