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Cultivation Operator - Paid Internship

Lysekil, Sweden

Job Description

You will have responsibility for the day-to-day operation of our cultivation system. After training, your tasks will include assisting Volta Greentech’s production team with seaweed harvesting, basic maintenance of cultures, performing water analysis data and mixing solutions/growth media.

In addition, you will work on a project testing a new cultivation module. You will work alongside our engineering, production and R&D teams to conduct and report on algae-growing experiments in this new module. You will share the responsibility for operating this module with our production team. There is a great opportunity for anyone who’s passionate about algae and/or production systems to learn about the aquaculture of the species that we’re growing, use of instruments and testing of water chemistry.


There are 1.5 billion cows on the planet that together burp out 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s 2x more emissions than the world’s fleet of airplanes. Volta Greentech is on a mission to work with the beef and dairy industry to reduce emissions to mitigate global warming. By providing farmers with the means to drastically reduce the methane emissions produced by dairy cows and beef cattle, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in becoming sustainable.

At Volta Greentech, we believe that with the right team, we can change the future. For success, it is crucial to recruit world-class experts and highly driven individuals who want to join our mission.

We are focused on the cultivation of macroalgae (seaweed) at our pilot factory in Lysekil. The red macroalgae Asparagopsis sp. has been proven to reduce methane emissions when fed to ruminant animals thus helping in the fight against global warming.

As we refine our culturing model, the algae will be used to supplement cattle feed to reduce the methane emissions associated with beef and dairy products, essentially creating a new supplement called Volta Seaweed. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience within the start-up environment of a company positioned in an emerging field within aquaculture and working in a commercial pilot plant.


  • Strong scientific or technical background
  • Independent problem solver
  • English speaking and writing ability
  • Disciplined, motivated team-worker
  • Hands-on approach/experience
  • Passionate about climate solutions

The ideal candidate could also have:

  • Laboratory experience
  • Background in aquaculture
  • Background working in production facilities

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Operate the current Volta Greentech system. This includes seaweed harvesting, culture maintenance and water analysis
  • Data gathering and reporting in a new cultivation module

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to work in an innovative, potentially world-changing, start-up
  • High levels of responsibility and decision-making
  • A close-knit, motivated team
  • Job includes offer of free accommodation in company apartment

About the role

  • Start date: January 2023
  • Contract length: 3-4 months
  • Work type: Paid, full time
  • Location: Lysekil, Sweden

To apply, send a motivation letter and CV to careers@voltagreentech.com.Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis.