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Algae Cultivation Technician

Part time, Lysekil Sweden

About the role

We are focused on the cultivation of macroalgae (seaweed) at our pilot factory in Lysekil. The red macroalgae Asparagopsis sp. has been proven to reduce methane emissions when fed to ruminant animals thus helping in the fight against global warming. As we refine our culturing model, the algae will be used to supplement cattle feed to reduce methane emissions associated with beef and dairy products, essentially creating a new supplement called Volta Seafeed.This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience within the start-up environment of a company positioned into an emerging field within aquaculture and working in a commercial pilot plant.

You should have a good understanding of water flow and be able to conceptualize production systems. Plumbing, Building and Mechanical Experience would be an asset as would a background in Aquaculture. Biology highschool grades or possibly a bachelor level biology/chemistry background would be beneficial to the role. Experience working with pumps and mechanical equipment and interest in aquaculture is a plus.

Most of the work will be centered around day to day tasks which include assisting Volta Greentech’s CTO and production team with basic maintenance of cultures, washing and cleaning of tanks, taking water analysis data and mixing solutions/growth media in addition to building and plumbing of the production system.

There is a great opportunity for anyone who’s passionate about aquaculture and production systems to learn about the aquaculture of the species that we’re growing, use of instruments and testing of water chemistry. Building aquaculture cultivation systems at pilot-scale, plumbing, the factors involved in growing macroalgae and working in a fast-paced start-up environment. You should also be open minded and communicative, detail oriented and resilient to possibly repetitive tasks. Good at record keeping, organised and with an observant attitude.


  • Seaweed culture monitoring and management
  • Production equipment maintenance and monitoring
  • Problem solving
  • Note-taking and data logging of culture status (visual and technically)
  • Water Quality measurement and recording
  • Assist with construction of cultivation systems
  • Learn best practice seaweed cultivation

Important information

Initially part time 50% with possibility of becoming full-time employment in the future. Location: Lysekil, Sweden

Applications are to be reviewed immediately with starting date negotiable. Please send your cover letter and resume to careers@voltagreentech.comand include your CV and a cover letter.