Farm 01,
In the forests of Näshulta

Farm 01

81% less methane emissions burped

Volta Greentech partnered with Tre Bönder (Swedish for “three farmers”) for doing the world’s first commercial pilot feeding our seaweed to beef cattle to reduce methane emissions. The pilot resulted in 81% less methane emissions burped out by their beef cattle.

Farmer Lisa feeding a 2 day old calf inside the barn.

A seaweed-based feed supplement.

About the pilot

During December 2021, the farmers Micke and Lisa daily fed seaweed as a supplement to 17 of their 200 cattle. Over the pilot period, on average 81% of the animals' methane emissions were removed. The seaweed used in the pilot, was produced sustainably in Volta Greentech’s land-based seaweed factory in Lysekil, Sweden.

About Tre Bönder

Tre Bönder is a family company who owns the farm Torp in Näshulta, Sweden. At the farm the focus is on sustainability and animal welfare. They sell their beef locally directly to consumers and restaurants under their own brand. To meet climate targets Tre Bönders goal is for all the beef cattle on the farm to have seaweed mixed into their diets in the near future.

By buying beef directly from Tre Bönder you support Volta Greentech and Torps farm in the transition to drastically reduce methane emissions.

Micke, Lisa and Fredrik from Tre Bönder.

Measurable impact

It’s not magic. It’s science and it’s measurable. Read our methane report on Tre bönder.